Shortcuts in Trello to make you more productive

Max Rozen

Max Rozen / Updated: October 13, 2022

Did you know Trello has shortcuts to common actions, like changing boards and creating cards?

There's a really long list of available shortcuts that shows up if you hit ? on your keyboard when you've got Trello open.

It might be a bit overwhelming to look at though, so I've curated some of the important ones below.

Table of Contents

Board-level shortcuts

The shortcuts below make it easier to work with Trello boards

  • Jump between boards - b:
    • Pressing b on your keyboard opens a little menu, where you can type the name of the board you want to jump to.
    • Changing Trello boards
  • View board navigation menu - [:
    • Pressing [ on your keyboard opens and closes the board navigation menu on the left hand side of Trello. It lets you jump between boards, view your cards on a calendar, and view your workspace members.
    • View Trello board navigation
  • View board menu -w or ]:
    • Pressing either of these keys on your keyboard opens the board menu, where you can see the board's activity, change its background, and more.
    • View Board Menu

Card-level shortcuts

  • Assign cards to people while creating them - @:

    • When you're creating cards, you can actually immediately assign the cards to someone on your team by typing @ and their name, so to assign me, my team would type @Max, and hit enter to assign the task to me.
    • Assign Trello Card to Max Rozen
  • Add labels to cards while creating them - #:

    • Similar to assigning people, you can add labels to your cards while you're creating them by typing # and the color, name, or position of the label.
    • For example, if I had a label named "bug", I could enter #bug, and Trello would show me the label to add to the card. Hitting enter or clicking on the label adds it to the card.
    • Add Label to Trello Card

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