Adding all of your Trello power-ups to a new board

Max Rozen

Max Rozen / Updated: October 09, 2022

When you've got a decent sized team in Trello, it can be pretty annoying to add all of your favorite power-ups to a new board.

For every single power-up you want to add to your board, you need to:

  1. Open the power-up menu
  2. Click the "Add Power-Ups" button
  3. Search for the power-ups your team uses
  4. Click "Add" for the power-up, then click "Add" again to confirm...

So tedious!

The shortcut

If you've got Trello Premium though, there's a workaround!

  1. Create a board to use as a template, with all of your power-ups added.
  2. The next time you need a board, use the template.
  3. All of your favorite power-ups will be available on the new board

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